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Scream Fright Night at Eden

If you’re wanting to treat the kids this half term, or in fact not just the kids but anyone you know who is a fan of fear, then a nighttime visit to the Eden Project for their Scream event is thoroughly recommended but you’ll have to hurry as this event is on for a very limited period only, Thursday 31st October and Friday 1st November.

I was lucky enough to see the preview last week with my thirteen-year-old son, Ben and I can confirm it’s scary, very scary! It’s understandable why this event is for over 12s only and in true Eden style I have to say it lives up to the hype.

Last Thursday evening we headed off to Eden not really knowing what to expect. First, we enjoyed a session on their ice skating rink before tucking into a gourmet burger with sweet potato fries and finishing off with freshly cooked crepes. It was delicious and that alone would have made a great evening out but then the time came for us to start our nighttime tour of the rainforest biome.

The drama started to unfold as we waited for our session to begin. Just as we were reading the disclaimer, the previous Scream party exited the biome acting as if they’d just had a big fright! Some were laughing, some were shaken and many used a number of adjectives to describe how scary it was. Seeing just the two of us waiting to go in, the people who had just come out advised us most definitely NOT to go in alone and they weren’t joking. We were also advised not to be at the front …. or the back!

As a few more people gathered to join our small tour party, we were asked who wanted to go in front. To my horror, Ben immediately put his hand up so that was it, before I could interject, he was first and I was second. We had to put our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us and enter the biome in this chain formation. What followed was slightly hysterical laughter in anticipation of what was to come and that was just from the grown-ups!

I was expecting the biome to be dimly lit, but no, it was pitch black with only the moonlight to guide us. Within minutes, as the sounds of the spirits in the jungle made their presence felt, my son nervously whispered that he regretted being in front. I think he was half joking, half serious but either way, it was too late to change position and I certainly wasn’t going in front!

I won’t say too much more as I don’t want to spoil the surprises in store but the above preview video gives a taste of what you can expect.

It was interesting to note that our little chain of strangers quickly became friends for half an hour as we shared the frightful experience, screaming and laughing nervously as we shuffled our way along the pathways awaiting the terrors to unfold.

For £10 a ticket it’s great value for any age. Note that this price includes your Eden admission and for a little more you can book an ice skating session and make an evening of it. Tickets are available from all our properties or you can book directly on the Eden Project website.

We dare you to go!

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